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Getting information to today's technology driven, fast-passed media takes more than eloquence. Newswires like Bloomberg, Associated Press and Reuters digitally scan releases for key phrases as literally thousands pass through their systems. Traditional sources like The New York Times, Washington Post, Conde Nast, McGraw-Hill increase their on-line presence, everyday. Increasingly Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and FaceBook, with "user powered content," lead each day's buzz.

Tagging, key words, RSS feeds, video have become more powerful than the traditional press release, or the most cherished contact list, in determining when or if your messages reach the right people. Judicious e-blasts, carefully qualified lists, tailored messages and blogging are the tools for building a meaningful profile.

We are fluent in blending traditional promotions with social media and the latest web-based interactive public relations options.




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Chinatown Working Group

We manage lists and regular messaging for more than two dozen clients. Integrated with the websites
and blogs, out communication platforms are multi-layered increasing print and online impressions to create constituencies.

From conference announcements to newsletters, events and benefits to legislative campaigns, our
community relations practice reaches thousands of people each month with something they are
interested in knowing about...and more importantly, share with their constituents.